Instant Wins Explained

It’s all in the name really! When you buy tickets for an instant win competition, you have a chance at winning an instant prize! The prizes could be anything from site credit to cash and everything in between.

When you purchase your tickets, you’re randomly assigned a ticket number between 1 and the max tickets set on the prize.

The ticket numbers you purchased could win you an instant prize!

At it’s core, instant win competitions offer one main prize that anyone can win just like a regular competition. This is determined on the live draw.

Then there’s a series of instant wins that you can win before the draw. You win these prizes at any time before the draw by purchasing your tickets.

Navigate to the “Instant Wins” tab down by the description. Here you’ll see the list of prizes to be won along with the ticket number that wins that prize.

As soon as you checkout and land on the “Order Received” page you’ll be notified if you’ve won. It will tell you your winning ticket number and the prize that you’ve won.

You can head back to the competition page itself and see within the “Instant Wins” tab as well.


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